Portfolio of Robert Lloyd

Design Portfolio

Technical design projects, graphic design, illustrations, digital artwork and paintings, by Robert Lloyd.

Graphic Design

for Dragon Associates, Inc.

DVD Cover Design

for Dragon Associates, Inc.

Graphic Design

for DS Design & Printing

Graphic Design

General Projects

Book Projects

for Visions of America and Others


Lahaina Art Studio

Digital Artwork

Lahaina Art Studio

Paintings & Drawings

Lahaina Art Studio

AutoCAD Projects

Technical Drafting : 2D & 3D

SketchUp Projects

Powerful 3D Software

SolidWorks Projects

Solid Modeling Software

MasterCam Projects

Advanced Solutions for Manufacturing

Drafting Projects

Paper, Technical Pencil, Rapidograph

Fusion 360 Projects

Integrated CAD & CAM software

Esri ArcGIS Pro Projects

Mapping and Analysis