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Robert started as an artist and a craftsman at a young age and never looked back.

Robert began taking courses in mechanical drafting, Autocad and DOS at Sawyer College in Ventura in the late 80s. Upon graduation he took a position at Trus Joist Corporation as an architectural draftsman. In the early 90s he returned to Sawyer College and completed their graphic design course; they studied early desktop publishing on a Mac Plus using Aldus Pagemaker, Freehand, and Adobe Illustrator 3.

At this time Robert bought his first Apple computer and began working as a graphic artist, illustrator and computer technician. Later he began helping customers troubleshoot their computer problems, and Lahaina Computer now offers web design services and training.

Longtime clients include Dragon Associates Inc. (Classical Fighting Arts traditional karate magazine and Tsunami Productions martial arts DVDs). Robert has worked since 2002 as Art Director for Visions of America, LLC, managing the images of photographer Joseph Sohm.

In the Art Studio, Robert creates detailed works in watercolors, oils, pen & ink, pencil drawings and stone sculpture. He is currently focusing his efforts on detailed ink drawings with watercolor washes. He also produces striking digital composite imagery.

  • Over 25 years Mac Graphic Design
  • Over 30 years Mac & PC Computer Experience
  • Four Decades of Art and Design Experience