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customer comments

With Robert's help I have been learning how to work with my Mac and iPad regularly for several years. Doing backups and app updates, he has been an absolutely indispensable part of my digital life.

Kitty Bartholomew, interior designer & television personality

Robert came through with the design of the logo, web site, brochure and business cards for our practice, in record time and with excellent quality.
We are happy to endorse Lahaina Art Studio!

Dr. Richard Nguyen, Buena Vista Family Medical Center, Inc.

I have known Robert for many years, and he is always helpful and professional. He got a used computer for us, and he spent extra time setting it up and explaining how to use it. Highly recommended!

Renita Wellman, PhD

Whether issues regarding computers repair needs or when we need good computer usage advice, Robert is the one we call upon. His expertise with our many Mac and Apple devices is the best we've ever had . . . period. Our company is so grateful that we found Robert...he's consistent, reliable and he's a gem!

Kay Hodges, owner at Single Source Print & Graphics

When my Macintosh locked up I called Lahaina Computer right away. The drive was gone and could not be saved. Fortunately I had my data backed up. Unfortunately I needed a computer to put it on. They had a great replacement Mac and in less than a day I was up and running — and at a very reasonable price!

Dave Palmer, Ojai

Robert's service has been nothing but superior! Every issue I need his assistance with has been resolved above and beyond my expectations. He is super knowledgeable about the Mac and graphics, and eager to help solve any problem. I highly recommend utilizing Robert's talents and skills for any of your Mac needs.

Mike Nowland, Keller Williams

Robert Lloyd is a Mac computer and graphics wizard! He has a tremendous skill base in interconnected fields including computers, software, web and print design, and photographic experience. With his technical and creative -->

assistance, my expansive Visions of America media project has seen my images distributed worldwide; produced an award winning tabletop book and a sophisticated website with many graphics, videos and links. -->

Joseph Sohm, photo-historian,
Visions of America

He maintains my office computers, and is the Art Director of my archive of 29,000 digital images, taken over 25 years from all 7 continents. With his assistance, I have become one of the most published photographers in the world!